Suggest a psychedelic Location

We are all psychedelic travelers. If you’ve traveled across the globe and discovered fantastic psychedelic locations, or if you’re hometown or country has a psychedelic location which world psychonauts should know about, please contact us and let us know about them.  We will be sure to post your best suggestions and credit you according to your wishes.

Please write your entry according to the psychedelic traveler template, filling in the basic details about the location and writing a short paragraph about the main attractions and the psychedelic merit of the place. Please supply a valid email address, as we might contact you to ask you to send us pictures of the place, if you have some or for additional informatoin. If you have a WordPress account, or if you wish to become a regular contributor on the psychedelic traveler website, please let us know, and you can post your entry under your own Wordrpess username.