Psychedelic Traveler is a website dedicated to psychedelic travel locations around the world: Places which are fun and inspiring to explore under the influence of a psychedelic mind alterant, or, more generally, places which evoke psychedelic sensibilities in psychedelically-aware individuals.

This site is devoted to all the people who like touring magical mind-expanding locations, with or without psychedelic mind-alterants. In it we hope to create a first-of-its-kind collection of recommended sites for psychedelic experiences and for psychedelic travelers – a comprehensive open-ended, community-based compendium of psychedelic locations around the globe.

Intrepid psychedelic travelers are highly interested in finding out about psychedelic gems to visit and immerse themselves in. Our hope is that in a few years Psychedelic Traveler will include hundreds of psychedelic travel recommendations, so that any psychedelic traveler on the road can easily search the database and find psychedelic locations in the area they are in.

If you’ve traveled across the globe and discovered fantastic psychedelic locations, or if you’re hometown or country has a psychedelic location that the world’s psychonauts should know about, please contact us through the “Suggest a psychedelic location” link and let us know about them.